20150525_084559.jpgOn rare occasions, I would take solitary excursions to the city to just wander and buy stuff that I need. Typically, I would take a conventional bus ride (and I would love a seat by the window). I like the bus because it is like an ampule of diversified souls on a trip to different realms—a carousel of people from all walks of life. It is a flask filled with a fusion of various scents, like expensive perfume and shampoo, stinking feet and fish, reeking underarm and sweat.

Fortunately, on a drizzly morning, I found an empty seat on the bus where I thought I could see some relaxing landscapes. While clinging on to my backpack and trying to shun the frigid breeze infiltrating the window, I was perturbed by the issues prowling in my mind like a nauseating pestilence I needed to get purged. But I was awakened from my woolgathering by the bus conductor when he asked for my ticket.

Looking back at the panoramas along the way, I contemplated on how my life had been for the past three years. I realized I haven’t accomplished anything of remarkable importance.  When I relatively gave up my writing career, I felt I made a chasm of desolation deep within me. Honestly, I pined for the typical days in a cubicle—with all my crazy but gifted colleagues—devising and creating masterpieces to get paid luxuriously. I missed the sound of clacking keyboards and the blending of wordplay and marketing strategies of call center agents on the floor.  I also missed the aroma of bottomless coffee, the infrequent splurge of pizza, and the sporadic chinwag with my teammates and other friends. Life, however, has many realities.


No matter how cruel life is, we still want to enjoy every little happiness we can get anyhow. Well, who doesn’t enjoy the best things that life could offer? We all do. There are inevitable instances, however, that we find ourselves wanting to do something to escape life for a minute. If you had come to that point in your life, you need to dissect your life more closely. That instead of trying to decipher the means of escape, try on working out the best means for making your life more gratifying. Just try to be happy with yourself and the things that you do. If not, I think it’s a good time for a change.


Every aspect of life has its own pressures. At work, we are sometimes pressured to get fragmentary tasks done and times like this trigger emotions to run astronomically high. By experience, it can make everyone panicky and frazzled and leads to breaking out of squabbles. Situations like this call for motivation—to focus on the tasks at hand and not on the petty arguments. Always remember that you are not required to prove anything to anyone. Sometimes we need more time in some tasks to create something of exceptional worth. So when you are at this situation, always keep your blood pressure down. Keep your cool and don’t spend your time in futility.


Sadness is a human reality. It comes in different terms, but whatever you may call it, this reality can happen to everyone. Sometimes, we feel abandoned. At times, we feel lost. But there are also occasions when we feel sad for no reason at all. Normally, we will look for ways to combat the blues. Sometimes, gadgets are not enough to subjugate this sulk. The best way to fight it is to be with friends, get out and do the diversionary tactic. Don’t ever think about recoiling; instead, do some inner work and arise from the gloom.


Taking charge of your life and seeking for opportunities are no easy undertakings. The same with dealing with other people. Sometimes, being stern from the outside can be construed wrongly by other people. Your attitude, however, matters a lot in navigating the intricacy of life. Being optimistic really does magic in any challenge. This goes along with foresight, which is important if you would want to succeed. A friend of mine told me that she believes in destiny. Well, I don’t. I believe in hard work. Don’t rush. Carefully plan your every move so that everything will work out as you wish.


When was the last time you made changes to your life? Last week? Today? Well, most people try to modify the material aspects of their lives every day. What is important when doing this reformation is knowing how to take a look at those things that inspire us to create the life we are living today. Focus and evaluate the choices and decisions you’ve made. If you would really want to make that changes, make it happen. Just make sure that you are doing what you were meant to do—the kind of thing where you can utilize your talents and skills to the fullest.

Life is always on the go. No turning back. But there are always enough room for improvement and there is still time to expand your horizons. The bus ride was rewarding. It took me to realize that I need to keep up with the changing tides and make my life more meaningful and profitable, despite the odds.



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Twenty-Three Years After


Many people say high school is the most memorable juncture in their pedagogical endeavor.  Well for me, it’s not. I thought I enjoyed my college life most of all, probably because I was reticent and unsociable during high school—even had the hard time adopting the urban culture. In spite of that, I have kept some crazy and good memories of that chapter. Of course, during those years, I made friends and found my first love.

I’d heard from only a few and wondered what happened to most of my classmates back in high school over the years, until last year I got the invitation to a get-together. Without a doubt, I confirmed my attendance with deep excitement to see them after so many years. Just imagine everyone’s thrill and curiosity as to how we have changed after 23 long years.

Back when we were in high school at the university, we were a bunch of cute and charming, but happy-go-lucky teens, fretting about nothing but diversion, jaunts and only little about exams and school works. Moreover, we enjoyed Intramural, Foundation Day Celebration, Christmas Party, and other non-academic activities. Now, so many things have changed—physically, emotionally and financially.

So on the day of the reunion, I was surprised to see the older versions of the classmates I used to hang around 23 years ago. Receding hairlines, sizable physique, grown-up faces and inflated tummies are only few of the many changes that obviously manifested in us. Unquestionably, we have grown older in so many ways. Most of them already have their own families with grown-up children, and also very successful in their own chosen fields. But somehow, we still have that childish way of behaving. That day, we had fun and those who were not able to make it were envious of the excitement we shared. That’s how we are after 23 years.

The get-together reminded me of the realities in our existence—that we are transitory creation constantly changing with so many options at how we would want to become. As we grow old, we can look back at the choices and decisions we made in our lives. We can either laugh or frown at it; but one thing for sure, we will treasure every memory, because we still find life an amazing gift from God.



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Photo Credit: Glizer


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A Glimpse of Paradise in Puerto Princesa

Summer has ended. Too bad, I’ve never been able to walk around many destinations. Well, for once, I got my skin burnt while basking under the heat of the sun in one of the beautiful islands in Misamis Occidental—Capayas Island. The island is a revitalizing treat to every traveler through its natural beauty that embodies the heritage of the people. It was a day of fun and pure enjoyment and that experience evoked pleasant memories of my trip in Palawan that I wasn’t able to share. C360_2015-05-22-10-37-00-265

A taste of paradise will neither be squandered nor forgotten, but rather etched in the memory and will become a treasure to be cherished for eternity. I’ve never been a travel bug, but by propitious circumstances, I got the chance to embark on wandering sprees. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to travel to Puerto Princesa City in Palawan.

Found at the island dubbed as “The Last Frontier of the Philippines”, Puerto Princesa City is one of the cities that define the real meaning of beauty—a depiction of heaven on earth. Undoubtedly, you may have heard so much about Palawan—if you haven’t gone to the island yet. Of course, it is famous for its Underground River, which is considered one of the world’s wonders. Whatever you feel about it, however, will be magnified a hundredfold when you experienced Palawan firsthand.

Exploring Honda Bay

You can absolutely discover Puerto Princesa City at its best by exploring its main source of income—tourism. The famous Honda Bay is among its pride. It is an alluring attraction that caters to thousands of tourists every day. The bay is comprised of seven (7) islands of different sizes and amazing features. It holds both the aesthetic and fiscal attributes. It is the place where people of different races meet and where business booms, and locals become productive. With the influx of tourists every day, earning a living is easier and has become an enjoyable venture for the locals.

I only visited two of the seven (7) islands in Honda Bay. Cowrie Island is a glorious haven that warmly cuddles its guests. I reveled in its white sandy beaches, cozy cottages and scrumptious food that I could only wish to find back home. Pandan Island was also a paradise filled with fun and excitement for it offers different amenities everyone can affordably enjoy, aside from the luscious food, comfortable cottages, entertainment, and of course, the splendid sights.

The two (2) islands allowed me to understand how tourism works in this province. It made me realize that even in a small island business can flourish and an ordinary local can earn generously.

Cruising the World’s Wonder: The Underground River

To find out the more lucrative aspect of Puerto Princesa’s tourism, a cruise to the world renowned Underground River was included in my itinerary. A trip to Palawan would not be complete without going through the magnificent tributary.

It was a long journey via land and water, but I was neither tired nor bored during the trip because of the breathtaking sights along the way. The splendor and affluence of Puerto Princesa could be seen everywhere—a city blessed with natural, marvelous gifts. Before arriving at the river, I walked under the canopy of thick foliage, like a rainforest filled with multifarious lives and conserved for people to wallow in, appreciate and learn from. According to the tour guide, hundreds of tourists, both foreign and local, visit the site every day throughout the year—not a seasonal activity they would like to anticipate.

Dark, musty and spine-tingling, the Underground River was a true wonder. It is home to nocturnal creatures, minerals and mind-boggling rock formations that could stir one’s imagination. I took a more or less 30-minute boat ride—with ten people per boat—into the river where our only guide was the portable light and the voice of the rower, narrating historical events relating to the site and explaining every intriguing feature inside the Underground River.

Apparently, there were many tourists waiting for their turn to experience the Underground River. As one team leaves, another arrives. This scenario was very inspiring and it showed me how economically successful this part of the city is. The city government’s return on investment must be remarkable.

A Foretaste of Bakers’ Hill

Baker’s Hill is a place of delicacies and refreshments at the top of the hill. It is home to a variety of flavored hopia and flower shakes that delight both the olfactory sense and the palate. The incursion of guests from different places was overwhelming. They came for the hopia, flower shakes, pizzas, and other delicacies. Some also came to see and take their photos with the various replicas of famous Hollywood characters like Marilyn Monroe, Shrek’s Princess Fiona and her children, Bugs Bunny, Mickey Mouse, and many others. Not only I tasted the unique flavors of flower shakes and hopia, I also enjoyed watching the wonderful landscape and listening to the sounds of peacocks, mynas, geese and parrots blending with the sounds of other tourists.

An Ephemeral Peek of Mitra’s Garden

I took a trip through the long and winding road uptown to experience the comforting breeze that surrounds the Mitra’s Garden. It is an incredible spot overlooking picturesque greenery that exudes cold and calming air. If you needed an inspiration, to clear your thoughts, or to find short seclusion, this could be the right place that you would want to go. You will never starve, because refreshments are also available.

Walking Through The Crocodile Farm

One of the well-known tourist destinations in Puerto Princesa City is the Crocodile Farm. It is an ideal location to visit if you would like to see live crocodiles. There is an endless line of tourists every day to uncover and see living crocs. The excitement, however, doesn’t finish off at the last croc to see for at the end of the tour, everyone can opt to eat different sets of food choices—all crocodile meat inspired.

My trip to Puerto Princesa City in Palawan was brief, but very significant. The island offered serenity and solace to my disconcerted mind and longing heart. I could only wish to be back someday—to a place where I found surprises and good memories.

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Health and Ambition

The working population regularly invests eight hours of its time each day, trying to earn a living. There are people, however, who work 9-10 hours every day to make both ends meet. There are also people who work more than those hours, making themselves prone to different illnesses and serious physical conditions. The risk of getting these conditions is really high.


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In today’s financially challenging world, we need to earn money in order to survive. To make it happen, we need to work hard. We love extending our work hours to earn more, put something more on the table, pay for tuition fees, save for medical services, and pay rentals; but most of the time, we forget about our health.

Look at yourself. You can’t even say a little prayer before you sleep because you are always dead tired. If you were among those people who work more than eight hours every day, you should stop for a while and try to assess yourself. How have you been in the last six months? Are you still maintaining a healthy lifestyle? Or you are now curling in bed due to the inescapable stress and exhaustion?

I am not going to tell you to stop earning a living, but I will ask you to make little changes to your lifestyle. I know you are too busy to spare another bit of your time each day, but if you would want to survive in the next four to five years in your current job, try considering the following health tips. When you try to practice any of them, observe the gradual, positive differences it make to your everyday life.

Sleep Like A Baby

If it would be impossible for you to get longer, regular hours of sleep, try to at least sleep like a baby. An uninterrupted sleep reinvigorates your body, refreshes your brain and allows your system to function precisely. You may consider a relaxing music, a comfortable mattress and soft pillows to make a good sleep.

Eat Like A Royalty

People who are working terribly hard sometimes forget to eat on time. Or, they do not bother eating at all and when they do, they eat like it’s the last food on earth. Be conscious of your food diet. Being overworked and eating the wrong foods can put you into serious health troubles. Eat the right foods and take in the right nutrients to boost your physical strength and maintain your focus.

Keep The ‘Head-Turner’ Shape

Getting fit must be the hardest thing to do for a very occupied person, but always remember that your health is one of the determining factors when it comes to personal and professional growth. Allot few minutes of your time each day to get fit. Run, swim or try aerobic exercise. Try outdoor activities. Or consider physical fitness programs that can be done in few minutes and at home.

Develop Healthy Habits

Make “healthy” your definition to life. When you are sick, you can’t go to work and you can’t enjoy the best in life. Achieving your life goals should be secondary to achieving optimum health. There is no word “busy” when it comes to prioritizing health. Proper food diet, healthy exercises and positivism will make you a better person and a more productive professional.

The world is as competitive as your brains. If you aspired to achieve bigger, you should begin your journey towards that dream with a healthy lifestyle and determined outlook. Health is wealth as the saying goes. It’s better you are financially struggling but healthy, than being rich but dying too early.

This article was originally published in The Lightning Bulb.

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Life and the Quest for Happiness

The quest for the right elements that complete life is a never-ending adventure. Some of us may find joy at simple things, but certain people may not find contentment at the best things they’ve had. We may have head out to different journeys, but we are searching for the same things—true happiness. Probably, that would cover everything else that we are looking for in this life and at times, we make critical decisions and sacrifices to seize it.


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Finding true happiness entails hard work. In order to discover it, we need to fill ourselves with so much enthusiasm and determination and the readiness to experience both the best and the worst of the world. The important thing to do is set up our goals in life, work on achieving it and never cower to any trial along the way just to get it. In the end, we will find the fruits of our hard work, find contentment and discover the meaning of life.

For most people, happiness is just a matter of the mind. If we looked around us, it is true. Why? Even the smallest of things around us, which most of the time we failed to see, is a source of joy and happiness. The green trees, the waves of the ocean, the colors of sunset, the sands on the beach, the breaking of twigs, the sound of birds chirping, the flailing of the leaves, and the smiles of innocent children on the streets are only very few of them.

There are so many things that make us happy, depending on our preferences and choices. Personally, simple things bring elation and thrill to my day.

Pens, Papers and Discs. I can’t live a day without writing. It has become my life for the past many years. I’d be damned if I could not read a book and watch movies. Through writing, I allow myself to save memories and unleash stressful vibes out of my system. With books, I can travel around the world and to places I’ve never known. Movies allow me to stop from my boring routines, have fun and learn some things.

Natural Wonders. While I really love those three, I found nature a treasure cove of breathtaking escapades and spring of joy and liberation. There is freedom and hope at the sight of mountains and green fields. The panoramic view of marshlands and the beach could create changes in our lives at enormous proportions.

Physical Activities. Nowadays, maintaining optimum health is vital to survival. Medical services are quite expensive, especially for those who survive with meager income. Besides, physical activities foster positivity and good vibes. Running or walking can also give us time to think and discover our life’s purpose. It is important to determining which way to go and avoid wrong choices and bad decisions.

Outdoors. There are also people who love the great outdoors. Experts say that outdoor activities are beneficial to life, both physically and mentally. There are a lot of outdoor activities we can try and enjoy. Aside from the health benefits derived from these activities, we will also find the sources of delight and excitement.

Life is a mystery to be uncovered and understood. Therefore, it is essential to have time to listen to our inner self, prepare for the surprises and be willing to embrace what’s favorably available for the taking. Life lessons are abundantly everywhere. We don’t have to chase them or search for them. We will find them at every corner of our existence and they will show up when we need them. We only need to see things, deeper. To enjoy life is to allow ourselves to discover happiness and life’s meaning—allowing us to grow and look at life in a more positive way.

This article was originally published in The Lightning Bulb.

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Teenage Pregnancy: An Alarming Dilemma

Few weeks ago, the snooping neighbors yak about a rumor that the 16-year-old daughter of another neighbor has not been attending classes at school for about a month already and that she has gotten pregnant by her 17-year-old boyfriend. They attributed the incident to the parent’s lack of attention to their children and the mother’s preoccupation to monitoring other people’s daughters instead of her own home.


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Days after the news leaked out, the girl gave birth to a handsome boy who unfortunately passed away few hours after seeing the light of the world. Well, let us leave the chatterbox behind and focus on the critical social issue of teenage pregnancy, which could happen to any parent’s daughter.

The 2013 National Demographic and Health Survey conducted by the Philippine Statistics Authority revealed that one (1) in ten young Filipino women with ages 15 to 19 has already begun childbearing—a factual occurrence in low- and middle-income countries like in the Philippines. The alarming rise in teenage pregnancy in the country can be attributed to different factors affecting the households where these teens came from—parenting issues, financial, educational, social and of course, the very influential media. Low income, little or no formal education, detrimental environment, sex-themed films and TV shows, and social media feeds can be very influential to the teens’ actions. Whatever the reason is, teenage pregnancy in the Philippines has become a common incidence and shoddier than that, teenage mothers are getting younger.

What can be done to prevent it? The following are my personal propositions, especially to parents, on how to steer their children away from undesirable activities—things parents wouldn’t like their children would go through.

Have More Time for Your Children

Teenagers usually find the transition from childhood to adolescent a very difficult stage of their life. This is the phase where they would discover a lot of changes in themselves—both in physical and emotional aspects. During this period, what children need most from their parents is the valuable gift of time. Having more time with your children allows you to know their needs and help shed light to their possible confusion and questions about many things.  Have time to bond with them and teach them important things about life, especially the do’s and don’ts of growing up, having a relationship and the risks of getting involved into social issues.

Know Your Children Very Well

The teen years can be critical to any child critical phase of youth. Instead of getting too busy criticizing others and became blind of your own imperfections, get busy attending to your children’s needs. Instead of diligently dissecting other people’s mistakes and overlook your own flaws, be diligent in knowing your children very well. Instead of trying to know everything about your neighbor’s children, why not discover the tiniest details of your own kids. Always have the time to know them inside and out.

Establish an Open Relationship

Openness is very important in building a strong family relationship. Establishing an open relationship within the family fosters honesty and understanding between members. When dealing with growing children, allow them to express their thoughts and emotions. When they convey, be sensitive to their ideas and feelings. Make them aware that you are always approachable and interested of what they are going to say or ask. With that, they will find not just a parent but a friend in you.

Set Parent-Child Boundary

Sometimes, extreme tolerance leads to abuse. To avoid that scenario to occur, do not allow your children to overpower your position as a parent. Set a boundary. This means that you have to let them know you are in charge and you have the final say. Do not allow them to overstep beyond that border, but when they do, carefully remind them to examine their actions and yield. When you properly set the boundary, implementing the favorable rules you set for them won’t be difficult. They will surely understand.

Impose Discipline but Don’t Constrict

Right discipline is part of nurturing a child. Without imposing right discipline would turn them into vicious children who would think freedom is inherent and nobody can stop them from doing everything—not even their parents. However, do not constrict them with your ways and disallow them to exercise liberty. Let them enjoy the essence of life while teaching them how to live independently. When you are too constricting, they will fight back and eventually, they will become defiant.

Do Not Compare

Most parents compare how they live their youth with that of their children’s. Do not tell them how you did a thing when you were a teenager and instruct them to do the same. We evolve, we discover new things, and then we settle in. Let your children live their own lives and let you be their most reliable guide. Do not compare. Otherwise, they would think you are depriving them of the freedom to learn the ways of youth and how to discover their own strengths, weaknesses and true happiness.

Listen And Talk

When they talk, you listen. When they need you to talk, start the conversation. A regular dialogue with your children will give you the opportunity to know the inner workings of their hearts and minds. Start making friends with your children and win their hearts in ways that is unplanned. Friendship is always a good foundation to any relationship—friends always talk even about nonsense things.

Educate and Guide

In this modern world, everything is accessible through the Internet. Parental guidance is always a significant thing when it comes to this matter. Even if you would prohibit them from abusing the Internet at home, they cannot escape the treacherous world. Additionally, the emergence of social media is far influential than your reminder. What you can do is slowly properly educate them, especially about sex, the risks of premarital sex, relationships, sexually transmitted diseases, teenage pregnancy, and other essential topics they needed to know.

Teenage pregnancy is a problem that brings social stigma. It will lead to other serious plights that may create a domino effect—ruining immaculate lives. Without time, proper guidance and appropriate education, your children may take the mistaken road and fall in the hollow of indecision. What can truly break parents’ hearts is to see their children wrecked and dispirited. Far worse than that, if the parents will be held accountable to what happened. Now if you would want your children to walk the right path to life, raise them in ways you would want them to see successful and happy.

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Why Are Some Men Not Dating

So, here comes Valentine’s Day again and I don’t think I will be having a date. Thank God, it falls on a Sunday here in the Philippines. Too bad that while everyone is busy and excited signing up for reservations for a dinner date, I am here dealing with a personal dilemma on how to look like having a rendezvous on Valentine’s Day. Well, not really. It’s just that Valentine’s Day no longer affected me. I mean, I can carry on without it.


Alone doesn’t mean lonely

Please, don’t remind me about Valentine’s Day and don’t say it straight to my face that the celebration isn’t merely for those who are in a relationship. I know that, all right?! I’ve been researching and I have already done my homework about this subject. I just don’t think that my foolhardy friends would understand that. I am sure if they would know that I don’t have a date on Valentine’s Day, they will try to put me on a “firing squad” together with few others.

Why am I not dating? Simply because this is no longer 1950s when flowers were free and dating was a good deal. This is already 2016 and everything is expensive. If you would like to date her, you need to spend much for flowers, chocolates and stuffed toys.  More than that, you will have to splurge for a special dinner and the recreation that would follow, because she is expecting you to take her somewhere she can enjoy and have fun. Damn the ways of the conformists and the gentlemen, but you also need to take care of the ride home. If you wouldn’t drive, you need the cab—and that you should cover the costs from her place to yours.

So now, try computing the possible expenses of dating. Yes, very expensive, especially when you are earning hand to mouth. Don’t tell me I am penny-pinching, because I am just citing realities. Who’s saying not all girls would want that? F**k you! Most girls, if not all, have Cinderella Complex and they wanted to be treated special, most especially on Valentine’s Day, to show to their friends that they are not spending the occasion alone. So, if you would want to date, work harder and don’t take that f**king money from your parent’s purse. Don’t be an asshole because girls deserve that, by the way.

Let me tell you this. I haven’t been dating for several years now. It’s not that I couldn’t afford financially, I just know that I have a convoluted life and I still need to pull it up before letting someone else into it and let her become involved in my complex existence. Moving on is just too difficult for me and I don’t care getting old waiting for the wounds to heal. Well, I’m not alone though. I know of several men who prefer to date their own selves than pester someone else’s life and ends at nothing but failed expectations.

Why are there men who would choose to be alone and not dating? There could be many reasons but the following are few common justifications that I know of and don’t criticize me for these, because I am entitled to my own conviction.

Empty Wallet Can’t Win a Perfect Date

As I mentioned earlier, dating is not a free enterprise. A gentleman can’t just ask a girl out on a date and make an arrangement that they’ll have to split the ensuing expenses. That’s a direct insult to the lady. He will ruin her day and much more than that, she will eventually doubt her dignity and spend a moment of wretchedness. If not, she would strike his face and curse his pathetic and dim-witted existence. In the absence of financial means, some men prefer to not dare indulge in the romantic atmosphere of the season by not dating.

Too Picky To Be Free

There is no rule stating that rich, handsome and gorgeous men cannot date average, unremarkable women. As long as both parties have established mutual agreement and emotional understanding, then there would be no problem. However, there are just men who have lofty standards on choosing a woman to date and since they could not find one of their liking, they do not trouble themselves even if they had to spend Valentine’s Day alone in a cold corner.

Extremely Introverted Men Never Ask

Asking a girl out on a date entails enough courage from boys, especially for beginners. While there are men who are too glitzy to win a woman’s approval to date him, there are also men who are too good but too reticent to ask a girl out on a date. No matter how they like to date the girls of their dreams, they lose to their most powerful flaw—being too dumb to say the lines and too scared to be rejected. In that case, they ended up spending a blue Valentine’s Day.

Closeted Men Veto Women

When you look at most of them, you can’t see a trace of contrasting features from the average men, whether in speech or deportment. Typically, they would talk about sports, events and travels, but the most interesting topic of their discreet discussion is definitely not about women—but men that could fulfill their fantasies. They go to the fitness gym, they enjoy partying and of course, they love to travel. They are usually in the company of friends who have the same preference as they do, but they definitely not find dating with women interesting and worth a bit of their time.

A Personal Choice Can’t Be A Lady’s Choice

He is handsome, successful and an eye candy for most girls. Every girl would like to date him. Some would even fantasize marrying and making love with him, but he had never asked a girl out on a date, not even on Valentine’s Day. Why? Just for one reason—it’s a personal choice. He doesn’t want to waste time planning about the date. He is not fond of commitments and he avoids messing up his schedules. Probably, he loves to stay at home, read books, play video games or watch TV. He thinks he has more significant things to do than dating a girl.

Valentine’s Day is truly a special celebration and there are hundreds of ways to do it. Love is not merely about dating and having fun, it is also about extending one’s self to others. The rich often use this occasion to realize charitable pretense. The powerful makes it a day for humanitarian functions. The famous finds it timely to further publicize himself. For the kindhearted, however, it is no different from all the days of the year normally feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, washing the soiled, curing the ailing, and giving hope to those who feel losing life’s battle.

For me, Valentine’s Day is a typical day to live with. No dating and no humanitarian quests. Just a time to bond with family and friends who can share the warmth of love and help remind everyone about the meaning of love and the essence of the celebration.

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How To Practically Celebrate Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day and maybe most of you can already smell scents of roses and wines and chocolates. Greeting cards are surely filling most shelves on the bookstores and gift shops—and exhibits of customized items are everywhere. Even the coffee shops, airline companies and clothing lines have sweet and romantic treats for couples. Timeless love songs are crooning on almost all radio stations, trying to ask those who are listening if they were ready to surprise their partners on the big day.


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Thinking about Valentine’s Day makes me feel like a teenage boy again. Then, I realized that although you are already at your 30s, the delightfully shivering sensation when musing about the occasion still remains. You can’t help but reminisce your salad days—the times when it’s not a problem to splurge; when for many, dating was a giveaway. You can’t buy the joy derived from being “in-love”, though, so you don’t have to complain or compare.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day is already a tradition, the only time of the year when you needed to treat your beloved ten times more than how special you normally treat her. Nowadays, however, practicality has framed almost all people’s mindset, especially those who are earning low, or not earning a single cent at all.

When you are in a relationship or still dating, you don’t need a lavish celebration to tell her how much you love her. What you need are good, practical concepts, simple but sincere ideas to make your someone special happy this Valentine’s Day.

Simple Surprises

Buy her a greeting card where you can express, through writing, what’s inside your heart. Send it through mail. It’s old fashioned, but let us see if she wouldn’t be surprised. That’s not it, send her a bouquet of flowers every day for three or five days prior to Valentine’s Day. On the day itself, take out some food from her favorite restaurant, pick her up from work and drive to the outskirts to eat. Settle in a place where you could be alone on a mat or blanket while enjoying the breeze, holding hands and stargazing. Before the night is over, whisper to her ears the most beautiful words you can take out from your heart.

Sweet Tooth Satisfaction

Most probably, you know what she likes for dessert or her favorite food. If you didn’t, you can still surprise her. Abuse your kitchen by doing experimental baking. A whipped chocolate and cream confection would surely make a difference in your day. Learn in advance how to bake or prepare her favorite dessert or food. On Valentine’s Day, take her to your kitchen and surprise her of your new skill. After the session, a romantic movie, a good wine and all the stuff you baked would make a stimulating way to begin the long night.

Stay At Home

Keep yourself warm over a tasty home-cooked dinner. Prepare an aphrodisiac for dessert. Enjoy sipping a good wine while reminiscing the previous Valentine’s Day celebrations you had spent together in the past. When it’s getting late, cuddle by the fireplace over a cup of hot chocolate, a plate of cookies and sweet music on the background. Talk naughty, set the mood for romance ablaze and enjoy the night like it’s the end of the world.

Valentine’s Day is not about how much you spent for the celebration, but how you made the celebration special and memorable without spending much. Think of something creative. Plan something unique. Most importantly, make it a moment where when you can both fall in love with each other again and again.

This article was originally published in The Lightning Bulb.

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Life: A Mystifying Game To Play

What makes life worth living?

People are in search for so many things like power, freedom, love, revenge and a thousand more. They believe that a grip of these could mean satisfaction, contentment, happiness, and the fulfillment of their absolute desire whirring deep within them—and they are driven by the fear of defeat or failure.

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The beauty of life

Among the immortal verses of antiquity, the most heartbreaking expression of loss was in English poet John Milton’s “Paradise Lost.” It’s a work of genius originally published in 1667 that has become his heritage to the modern world. Four years later, he published “Paradise  Regained” with so much enthusiasm and passion in his euphoria for regaining his eyesight, and jubilation for perceiving once again the infinite beauty of the world around him. These two literary jewels put in a nutshell the plight of man who once ignored the world.

The modern man is engrossed in his boundless pursuit for everlasting happiness. He is more inclined to greed which is actually the anathema of what he tries to find. Frequently, he tends to ignore simple aspects in life, and aims for the profound and complicated. He forgets that in doing so, he deprives of adequate consideration his spirituality and the aesthetics—the depth and greatness of the culture and the arts which are essential in absolute development.

This aphorism is not shared by the majority. Positively, those who recognize its importance, adhere to this belief or conviction with fervor. Not just by paying lip-service to their intention, but by concretely exercising their advocacy. Not solely by the unrestricted flight of the imagination; but by exploits and activities that give clear manifestation to their dreams.

Such is the case of the celebrities who indulge in a life of unprecedented fame and glory and whose names become legend in the Hollywood, but at some point in their lives took a path that tossed them into a void of plummeting stardom. We anticipated them to revisit their lives in the spotlight but we perceived no positive undulation until they found themselves in new skins, ready to mesmerize the world once again.

When Robert Downey, Jr. managed to redeem himself in 2008 with Iron Man, after losing to drugs, alcohol and jail, I saw a champion right away. Movie enthusiasts were rapt by one of the most victorious superhero films of all time. And true to the approval of Downey’s fans all over the world, he has now joined the elites as one of the highest paid actors of Hollywood.

Drew Barrymore’s analogous flight also didn’t dodge the public eye when she quickly indulged to partying at a very young age and ended in rehab when she was 13. But her willpower and grit helped her turn her career around once again—and make it even more phenomenal. When she came back in the big screen, in various ads and as a director, it was redemption.

There are many other famous superstars with the same story as Downey and Barrymore. Mickey Rourke, Britney Spears and few others went through the same hell but came back with renewed passion and towering goals. Those who have seen them reclaim their names knew that these personalities have won much bigger than they could ever earn in their career—a new life. And we can say that the sleeping giants have awakened and recovered their lost paradise.

In the game of life, it is either win or loss—Paradise Lost or Paradise Regained. This is the substance life is made of, and it makes life worth living.

This article was originally published in The Lightning Bulb with the title The Game We Call Life.

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Love: Beauty and Madness

I guess, at this time of the year love is the most overused word in the dictionary. There will be bags of “I love yous” to be conveyed and tons of love notes to be written by people who are romantically smitten. Even the salty breeze of the bucolic world carries the amorous scent of love—blatantly rendered by the effervescent aura of the people around, especially those who are in a relationship.


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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Certainly, fabulous getaways were already booked, dinner dates were arranged and romantic plans were organized. I can imagine jam-packed restaurants, busy recreational areas and fully-booked hotels on the actual day. I think the young and foolhardy will regard this season as a good time for idiotic escapades like corporeal exploits in the middle of the farm, on an isolated road trip, or abandoned abode. Generally, however, it is a time to affectionately bond with loved ones.

Only few more years to wait and my real life begins. At my age, I have already witnessed wedding vows and two people’s promise of forever. I have already joined in the celebration of true love, but I never really thought about making a plan for my own nuptials. Although, there were times when I wished I had found my match, had kids and lived a happy married life. Again, there are few people asking me to get married already. Who’s the bride? Maybe, I am setting my standard too high.

“But then, it made me realize that when you are at your late 20’s or early 30’s, people will ask, “When are you getting married?” If you will answer that it’s not in two shakes, they will say, “You might miss the train!” or “What’s holding you?” Believe me, those who prefer to keep their comments in mind want to scream you are gay or lesbian—if not, too finicky when it comes to getting a mate.” – An excerpt from my previous article at Lightning Bulb.

Why do some people make another person’s civil status an issue? Is getting married a requirement to eternal life? Several friends are still surprised of my being a bachelor after all these years when being unattached is not an issue for me. I am happy waiting for the next ride and if it wouldn’t come, I would sincerely acknowledge my destiny without shame or grief. Being single is a sanctified vocation, I presuppose and a personal choice.

“I am still enjoying a life of freedom and blithe—sans the nagging wife, the shopping spree demands, and the never-ending list of financial liabilities. Oops! I am not afraid of responsibilities for I have been carrying the saddle throughout half of my life. Honestly, I really want to have children right now. It’s just that, I haven’t found my one true love yet. I just hope she is still alive, or she is not from across the globe that it would take my forever to find her. And I want to find her because I know that when it’s a match made in heaven, we will not end up in separation.”- An excerpt from my previous article at Lightning Bulb.

Not all grandiose weddings and overgenerous honeymoons have happy ending. Some of them end up in annulment or divorce. They thought they were destined to forever, because when they first see each other amid the crowd and stared at each other’s eyes, everyone else disappeared and the world revolved around the two of them. After several years, they realized they started to fall out of love and before you know it, they are enjoying the company of another soul. Time, things and trust were lost to a brief impulse that could bring pain and brokenness.

“I have been through several relationships—a smorgasbord of short-lived, long-term, meaningful and futile bonds. Some of them changed my outlook in life, a few taught me important life lessons and quite a lot of them allowed me to experience the true essence of life and love all at once. Each of those experiences has left something for me to mull over and learn. Those are the things that help me grow as a person who can live only once, but can love over and over again.

It is amazing that even if love had already tended to crash your life you will still cling on to it, because you think that’s all you can do, and for you it’s the best. That even if the person wouldn’t care for you anymore, or not even in a wink since from the start, you are still hoping that someday he or she will look at you differently and with prized admiration. Of course, it is life-altering to love and be loved in return but still, we can’t impose our feelings on someone and ask to be loved back; otherwise, it will only spur agony and maladies that could devastate your soul.

I know you would agree that it’s very wonderful and crazy to fall in love. Whether it is requited or not, we will surely revel in its magic, remember that knee-buckling sensation, submerge into its mysterious depths, and embrace its tempting intimacy. What’s with ‘love’, anyway, that it can change the world in so many ways?

For me, love is both delicate and powerful. When it’s not handled with care, it can break not only your heart, but also the wholeness of your being. The fragility of this affection can breach your sanity, and at a slightest mistake, it can cut you deep and let you bleed endlessly.  It is powerful because it can make the impossible to happen. It can make you to do things you never thought you could in your lifetime. Aside from making you feel overjoyed, dying out and worn out altogether, isn’t it a miracle that with love you will be more willing to sacrifice in many different ways? It will inspire you to dream and achieve bigger things, and eventually propels you to live a life that you deserve—a life filled with genuine love and true happiness.

When you are ready to fall in love, make sure you are prepared to get hurt. Or else, love will lose its meaning and life will be worthless in the end.” – Excerpts from my previous article at Lightning Bulb.

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